About Us

I started WebFast Insurance after working in the insurance industry for many years and realizing it could be done better. There are two different types of insurance agencies: Direct Companies and Brokers.

The benefit of a Direct Company is you don’t pay brokerage fees. The problem is no single company has the best price for everyone. The benefit of a Broker is you get the option of several companies of course brokers charge fees.  We offer the best of both worlds: Several companies with NO BROKER FEES! Why pay more?

Deceitful practices within the insurance industry also motivated me to start WebFast Insurance. It is common practice, for instance, for an agent to withhold certain costs of a policy when giving a quote. It is also common practice for an agent to withhold important details about a policy such as failing to mention a certain policy will ONLY cover a claim if the listed drivers are operating the vehicle. Many agents will do whatever it takes to get a sale whether ethical or unethical and are often taught to do so. I vow to ensure the highest level of ethical integrity and customer service at WebFast Insurance.

Lastly too much paper is wasted in this industry. Most of the paperwork can be completed online making the process quicker, more cost-efficient, and kinder to the environment. Save money with WebFast Insurance and help clean up the insurance industry while being environmentally friendly.

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